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  • Water Damage

    How Flooded Basements Don’t Have to Be the Worst Thing to Happen to You This Year

    Can you turn flooded basements into less of a nightmare? Anyone with a floor below ground can tell you there’s nothing quite like flooded basements. It’s a mess and it’s destructive and it’s dangerous and it’s horrible! It can feel like the worst thing to happen to you, maybe ever. Or at least this year. But…

    Knowing These 2 Secrets About Flood Water Removal Just Might Change Your Mind About Doing it Yourself

    The real deal about flood water removal, and what you can’t see. Water cleanup in Arizona or Colorado is just a matter of extracting the water and setting up some fans. The dry climate in these states makes water removal a snap! Don’t tell them that, they might not feel the same way. But the…