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  • Canton Water Damage Repairs | Water Damage Restoration Canton, GA

    Canton water damage repairs are best left to a professional damage restoration service like Can-Restore. That is because even a small amount of water can be devastating to a home. Mold is the worst part of dealing with water damage. And Canton homeowners want to avoid mold more than anything else.

    Canton Property Restoration Service

    Something homeowners have in common is a fear of water damage and mold in their homes. But, of course, other things can damage your home—for example, fire, smoke, high winds, hail, tornadoes, snow, and bugs. But water is the damaging element that most Canton residents experience.

    So, why is water damage so widespread? The reason is simple yet complex. Small and large quantities of unwanted, unexpected water can damage your property. And water can enter your property at any time and for a lot of different reasons.


    What Are The Common Causes of Water Damage?

    Extreme Weather and Storms Cause Water Damage

    Severe weather, including thunderstorms, tornados, and hurricanes, can cause significant water, wind, and flood damage. And extreme weather can cause flash flooding, roof damage, and fallen trees that leave you needing water damage restoration services.

    Canton Homes With Clogged Gutters Will Need Water Damage Restoration

    Clogged gutters do not function as they should. So, instead of directing rainwater away from your house, it will flow over the gutter, running down the side of the house, damaging the ceiling, walls, and floors.

    Malfunctioning Air Conditioner Water Damage Restoration Service

    Canton, GA, is a hot, humid city much of the time. So, nearly every property has air conditioning that can leak when drainage systems malfunction. That results in a lot of wall and ceiling drywall damage around air conditioners with overflow pan damage or condensate line clogs.

    Plumbing Leak Damage Restoration Services

    When plumbing systems fail, water damage can result. So, your plumbing will most likely be the reason you will face water damage. Water damage restoration services commonly cleanup after pipes that corrode and rust eventually leak. Pipes also leak due to high water pressure, weak joints, and broken plumbing connections.

    The worst damage is from hidden water leaks under sinks, behind walls, and underground that leak unnoticed for a long time. In time, thousands of gallons of water will saturate everything in its path. Mold growth is soon to follow.

    Washing Machines and Canton Water Damage

    Washing machine water supply lines are the hot and cold hose connections in the back of your washer. These lines, under constant pressure, regularly wear out, rupture, and leak, flooding Canton laundry rooms almost instantly. So, inspect and replace supply lines frequently to avoid washing machine flood damage.

    Water Heater Flood Damage Services

    Another reason to call a damage restoration company is to repair damage from a leaky tank water heater. Tank water heaters can quickly release massive amounts of water, flooding your home. That can be due to loose or worn connections. lines, or storage tank malfunctions. Proper water heater maintenance can help prevent these problems.

    Septic Tank Overflow and Sewage Backup Damage Services

    An overflowing septic tank lets human waste back up into your house. Backups happen when septic tanks are too full from extended use or extreme rainfall. Likewise, when sewer lines block, sewage backups can result. Sewage damage is the most disgusting and dangerous to repair. Unfortunately, not all water damage restoration services in Canton cleanup sewage damage. But rest assured that our restoration team can rid your property of any sewer damage or sewage health hazard.

    Unintentionally Leaving Plumbing On Can Lead To Mold

    Another cause of water damage is water overflow from leaving the water running unintentionally. That can happen when distracted or absent-minded people leave a sink, tub, shower, or hose running by mistake. Also, a clogged toilet can continuously spill water after flushing if unattended. Not always, but very often, young children cause overflows. Unfortunately, water overflow can cause much damage, especially when it occurs when you are not at home. It usually soaks flooring and carpet, making it difficult to dry and vulnerable to mold growth.

    Flood, Mold, and Leak Recovery Tips

    A flood or a leak can create a horrific situation in your home, which can be frustrating, devastating, and overwhelming. Use these tips and call us for help with water damage and mold removal and cleanup.

    Act quickly.

    Waiting to act when you have a water problem at your property is the last thing you want to do. The longer water sits, the more damage results. Not only does it do more damage your belongings, but it also penetrates the structure, seeping into walls and under flooring.

    Switch electricity off.

    Water and electricity do not mix. So, if it is safe for you to do so, turn off the electrical power to keep yourself and your family safe and prevent electrocution hazards.

    Turn water off.

    If you can find the source of the water, turn it off. Shutting off all the water running to your home is possible at the water meter. You can turn it off at the local source like under a sink or behind a toilet.

    Check insurance coverage.

    The recovery process starts after you file an insurance claim, if the damage is covered. So, first, you need to understand your policy coverage. Many homeowners do not have flood insurance coverage unless they live in a flood zone.

    Extract water and moisture.

    The longer water sits untreated, the more damage it can do. So getting the water out of your property is key to a quick and complete recovery and restoration. Professionals will bring in industrial water extractors to pull out as much water as possible. After water extraction, the drying process can begin. Getting everything dry is the best way to keep other issues at bay.

    Avoid mold.

    Water sitting for over 24 hours allows mold to begin to grow. Before long toxic mold is colonizing making your living environment dangerous to your health. In that case, our team in Canton can treat, cleanup, and remove mold.

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