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  • Does Flood Damage Restoration Require Professional Help?

    Canton Flood Damage Restoration is a Job for Professionals

    Canton flood damage restoration services are what you need to after a flooding event. A flood is when a body of water rises to overflow an area that is generally not underwater. If you experience a flood, you understand that definition all too well. But what is flood damage? Here is a view of flood damage to help explain the situation.

    canton-flood-damageCheck Your Address on The Georgia Flood Map

    Visit www.georgiadfirm.com to check the flood risk for your address. Type in an address to get a property-specific flood risk snapshot. This free service is part of the Georgia Flood Map Program. It will display the designated flood risk information for a selected property, including the official Flood Zone. Whether you live close to the Etowah River or not, you may need Canton flood damage restoration services.

    Flooding Facts and Figures

    According to the website FloodSmart.gov, floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. The average cost of flood damage in the United States is $2.4 billion each year. It only takes one inch of water to cause costly property damage. Flooding can occur anywhere due to weather systems, land development runoff, and regional events. Homeowners insurance generally does not cover flood damage restoration. About one-third of all flood insurance claims are in low- to moderate-risk locations. When new construction changes natural water runoff pathways, it can increase flood risk. About five million Americans carry flood insurance, but most are unaware of their responsibility for flood damage to their property. FloodSmart.gov has more information on flooding that you may want to read. Also, the Canton flood damage restoration experts at Can-Restore will be happy to help you.

    Real Cost of Flood Damage

    Flood damage can create costs beyond the immediate cost of repair and restoration. Loss of business and income, temporary housing needs, property value impacts, and insurance costs can add up quickly. Also, the emotional toll and psychological impact are part of the cost of Canton flood damage.

    Flood Damage Restoration Is Complicated

    A minor flood happens to most of us at some point in our lives. Whether it is a leak under the kitchen sink or a broken pipe in the basement, flood cleanup is, most likely, in your future. The surprising thing is that flood cleanup is harder than it looks. Especially when it is a lot more than just a little spill on a tile floor. Here are three things that will change your perspective about flood cleanup.

    1. The Water is Not the Biggest Concern

    The biggest concern is mold. Mold is the primary issue after any water damage, and Canton flood damage restoration needs to address this. Mold is toxic and damaging, and pervasive.

    1. Removing Water Is Not as Easy as It First Might Appear

    Many homeowners have tried to tackle Canton flood damage restoration with a shop vac and a little hard work. While this method is admirable, it is not generally highly effective. The visible water is not always the problem. Water seeps under the flooring and behind walls and cabinets. Sucking up the water you can see is just the start.

    1. Drying Out is Just the First Step

    Drying out the flood-damaged area is just the first step in the Canton flood damage restoration process. A professional understands that effective flood cleanup is a four-step process.

    Most Common Types of Flood Damage

    Floods can cause tremendous damage. The most common flood damage includes:

    Can-Restore Can Help You

    If you are dealing with the aftermath of a flood, do not face it alone. Canton flood damage can be much more extensive than many people realize. It is a challenge to clean up, not to mention the emotional and financial toll. Talk to an expert at Can-Restore to help you restore your Canton home and your life. Trust the professionals at Can-Restore to take care of your water restoration needs with 24/7 emergency response. Call 770 735-2695.