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  • How Will Fire and Water Restoration Affect My Home and My Family?

    What Are Canton Fire and Water Restoration Services?

    fire-water-restoration-canton Why might you need Canton fire AND water restoration services at the same time? Massive amounts of water are necessary to put out a fire. Therefore, water can cause more damage than the fire itself. Now that you are aware of this likelihood, a house fire may seem scarier than ever. The next thing is to learn more about fire and water restoration. How will these services affect your home and your family?

    What Happens After a House Fire?

    When a fire hits your home, it can cause feelings of panic, fear, uncertainty, and loss. Once the fire is out and the smoke has cleared, it’s time to repair and restore your home. But what does that mean? There are many things that can come into play when it comes to post-fire repair. The primary factors that affect a home during a fire are flames, smoke, and water. Each causes a significant amount of damage when it occurs. And smoke and water can continue to cause damage the longer it sits without being addressed.

    Smoke Damage

    Smoke is incredibly corrosive. And can cause discoloration of appliances, paint, wallpaper, and fabrics as well as etching on windows and other glass. It also smells horrendous. The odor from the smoke residue alone can cause a home to be unlivable.

    Water Damage

    Water is another huge issue. The water is used by firefighters to extinguish the flames. The water does its job, but it also runs down and through the home, into areas you can’t see. The challenge with water is that it can cause catastrophic damage including cracking and warping of wood structural supports, the disintegration of drywall, rust and damage to the components of appliances, cracking and breakdown of flooring and carpeting, and worst of all, mold. Mold can be dangerous and damaging all on its own, and the water that’s left can be the perfect breeding ground for mold.

    What Does Fire and Water Restoration Include?

    To feel at ease with the restoration of your home after a fire helps to know what to expect from the process. Here are the key steps.

    Water Extraction:

    Removing water is the number one priority! Before any other repair or restoration efforts can begin, the space must be water-free.

    Needing Fire and Water Restoration Drying:

    The drying step is crucial to ensure the excess moisture is gone from the structure and the rooms. Also from the air in the home. It’s the best way to ensure additional damage is prevented and mold is stopped in its tracks.

    Smoke Residue Cleanup:

    Each fire is different, and each type of smoke, as a result, is different, depending on the fuel that burned. Cleaning up the smoke residue needs to be done thoughtfully and carefully by trained restoration specialists due to its potentially toxic and corrosive nature.

    Smoke Odor Treatment:

    There is nothing quite like the smell after a house fire. It can be completed overwhelming and can make it impossible to live in your home. Proper cleaning with the right tools, products, and equipment, including ozone treatment, is the best and only way to get rid of the odor.

    Repair and Restoration:

    Once the water is cleaned up, the smoke residue is gone, and the odor has been treated, it’s time to repair and restore. This step includes everything from packing and storing your salvageable belongings to the demolition of areas that need a complete rebuild. The restoration of your house is what makes it possible for you to return home. Your belongings will be restored including furniture, electronics, and documents, and your home will be repaired including the walls, flooring, and even the structure.

    Who Provides Canton Fire and Water Restoration Services?

    Understanding what happens during Canton fire and water restoration can help you get a feel for how it will affect not only your home but also your family. No matter what, having a good restoration company on the project can help you and your family to get back home after a fire.

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