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  • DIY Water Damage Repair Mistakes And Pitfalls To Avoid

    Easily Avoid Canton DIY Water Damage Repair Problems With Can-Restore

    We are the Canton water damage repair experts your friends and neighbors depend on when plumbing leaks or excessive rain sends damaging water rushing inside. When a burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or leaky water heater floods your home or business, rethink attempting a quick DIY fix. We love DIY home projects, but DIY water damage repair is typically unsuccessful. Before water damage repair is your next new project, consider the following common DIY pitfalls and mistakes that can leave you feeling up the creek without a paddle.

    Canton Water Damage Repair Is Better Sooner Than Later

    If you take one thing away from Can-Restore, let it be this point. With water damage, timing is everything. In simple terms, water damage worsens until it is dry. For example, wood and drywall become increasingly saturated, swollen, warped, and disfigured the longer water damage is untreated or insufficiently treated.

    DIY Water Extraction Tools Cannot Do The Job

    When it comes to flood cleanup, complete water extraction is imperative. Removing water from a flooding event may seem like an easy task. In fact, at the sight of water damage, many instinctually run for your mop bucket and shop vac. The trouble is these tools cannot adequately clean up what floodwaters leave behind. The most significant issue with using inadequate tools is that you cannot remove water effectively. If you do not effectively dry the water damaged area, cleanup is impossible. Believe it or not, it takes commercial water extraction equipment and professional drying tools to achieve water extraction success.

    Substandard DIY Water Removal Leads To Mold

    In under 24 hours, mold grows in wet indoor areas. Without commercial extraction tools and drying equipment, home and business owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to mold. With water left behind, mold colonies develop quickly, bolstering a need for professional mold remediation to eradicate the budding problem. When professional mold treatment is necessary, the goal is to kill the current mold and ensure future mold does not return. 

    DIY Water Damage Repair Can Be Toxic

    It may surprise you to know that floodwater is contaminated, making exposure to it a significant health risk. Only water damage remediation experts should enter these waters. According to the guidelines and recommendations on floods from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, filthy floodwater can include human and animal excrement, toxic chemicals, biological waste, radioactive material, carcinogens such as arsenic, chromium, mercury, and more. Viral diseases spread through floodwater, infecting others. Toxic floodwater exposure also infects wounds, irritates the skin, inspires gastrointestinal inflammation, and worse. Of course, the CDC does not recommend DIY. However, if floodwater contact is unavoidable, protect yourself with rubber boots, rubber gloves, face mask, and goggles.

    Can-Restore Does it All

    One call to Can-Restore means you only deal with one Canton water damage repair and restoration company. From our 24-Hour emergency availability, we mobilize fast with state-of-the-art water extraction technology to remove the water you can and cannot see. Drying equipment and dehumidifiers do the rest. Can-Restore also provides site cleanup, carpet cleaning, furniture restoration, drywall removal, and construction repairs. Can-Restore has a systematic approach to ensure your property is the same or better than it was before the water damage.

    It Pays To Hire Pros

    Resisting the urge to try Canton DIY water damage repair will pay off every time. Thoroughly cleaning up water damage is for trained professionals with advanced tools and the latest equipment. Can-Restore is the local family-owned Canton water restoration company working fast to minimize water damage to your property.  Contact Can-Restore online and on the phone at (770) 735-2695. Ready to help you 24/7 every night, weekend, and holiday, too.