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  • The Top 4 Reasons for Water Damage Cleanup In The South

    In Canton, water damage cleanup is just part of living in the South. Here is what you need to know about water damage cleanup in Canton, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas.

    There are many types of water damage that can happen no matter where you live. Broken pipes, leaking water heaters, severe storms, and flash flooding all can cause water damage. After events like these in Canton, water damage cleanup may become a priority. Water damage strikes all over the United States, really. But if you live in Georgia, you should be aware of these top 3 reasons for water damage in Canton, Woodstock, and all around Atlanta.

    1. Storms, Rain, and More Rain

    Every state in the U.S. has its storms. In the northeast, they have wet, frigid winters that result in ice storms and blizzards. In California, they have hot, dry summers that show us the destruction wildfires can do. And in the Southern states, it rains. It tends to rain a lot, especially in the summer months. The high rainfall totals are one of the top four reasons for water damage in Canton and the areas surrounding Atlanta.

    2. Blocked Gutters and Downspouts

    Most Canton homes and businesses rely on rain gutters and downspouts for water management. When downspouts and gutters function correctly, they direct rainwater down and away from our homes. Unfortunately, gutter systems often become clogged or blocked by leaves and other organic debris. On top of that, gutters are vulnerable to storm damage. It is commonplace for them to become detached and get crushed rendering them incapable of directing water as prescribed.

    Whether it is clogged with debris, damaged by storms, or poorly installed from the beginning, a gutter system that does not work can cause massive water damage. What happens is the water in the gutter backups and overflows. Rainwater is no longer directed away from the building and is allowed to flow down saturating the structure. When this occurs water damage results. The longer it continues, the more and more water seeps into the building foundation, window wells, drywall, and more.

    3. Frozen Pipes

    Frozen pipes can happen in Georgia. Though it does not happen often, temperatures are generally low enough for pipes to freeze and burst for about a week out of each year. This is when the temperature is generally below thirty degrees for several days in a row throughout the day and night. To avoid a burst pipe plumbing emergency and the subsequent water damage, do not let your pipes freeze.

    4. Broken Pipes and Interior Leaks

    Other reasons for broken pipes and pipe leaks are due to age, damage, and corrosion. When pipes are old and not in good shape, even a tiny pinhole leak can cause catastrophic water damage. Repairing the immediate water damage from the original leak is just the beginning. In the Atlanta area, including Canton, water damage cleanup is a job for a qualified water restoration company. When you do not get professional water damage cleanup help, you run the risk of developing mold. Can-Restore does remove mold, but it is best if you avoid mold growth in the first place.

    Canton Water Damage Cleanup Professionals

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