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  • What Are the Two Leading Causes of Water Damage to a Home?

    water damage
    Water damage ruins floors, walls, and property and can be a cause for health concerns. Prevention goes a long way in keeping your home and family safe. Several issues lead to water damage, but the following two reasons are the most common.


    Heavy rain causes water damage in a number of ways, such as flash flooding, which causes lakes, ponds, and rivers to overflow into nearby homes. Rainwater also accumulates around the foundation of your house, often seeping into the foundation. This kind of gradual process causes massive structural damage over time that often stays hidden until disaster strikes.

    Leaky Roof

    Leaking roofs lead to extensive water damage, because they allow water into the house in ways that are often hard to detect. The water from rain and snow comes through exposed areas of the roof, including the chimney and exhaust fans. Once the water leaks through the roof, it puddles in the attic and eventually breaks through the ceiling, causing significant damage to the interior of your home.

    Water damage includes mold, mildew and electrical problems, which may lead to fire. It’s important to make repairs as soon as possible and to use a company that specializes in water damage remediation.

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