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  • The Ultimate Guide to How to Do Mold Remediation, In 5 Easy Steps

    how to do mold remediation marietta Discovering mold in your home is not fun. Mold remediation is not much fun either. How do you tackle mold damage and mold removal? By following these 5 easy How to Do Mold Remediation steps.

    1.  Containment is Critical

    Containing the water source that’s causing the mold growth in the first place is step 1. Step 2 is containment of the mold itself. Mold spores become airborne when moved or disturbed and containment is critical in mold removal to keep the mold spores from spreading.

    2.  Protective Gear

    Mold remediation is a messy process and requires the right gear to protect yourself from coming into contact with the mold. Gloves, long sleeves, long pants, boots and a respirator mask are a great way to start.

    3.  Create Negative Air Pressure

    Open a window and put a fan in it blowing out. This creates negative air pressure in the room so any airborne contaminants go out instead of in.

    4.  Collect Cleaning Solutions and Products

    Bleach, ammonia, borax, and vinegar are just a few of the cleaning products required for successful mold remediation.

    5.  Get Started!

    Scrubbing the walls, floors, furniture, appliances, drywall, and personal belongings that have any signs of mold on them is necessary. If the mold won’t come off, the item must be thrown away.

    Do all of these easy steps seem like a lot of work? Mold remediation is a lot of work! If you do not want to follow these “how to do mold remediation” steps, hire the right professionals, the experts will take care of it for you and leave you with a mold-free home. Want more information? Call the Marietta, GA Can-Restore today for answers to your mold abatement questions. (770) 735-2695