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  • Storm Damage Floods Homes in Every Season

    Woodstock Storm Damage Floods Homes in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

    But what is it about Woodstock storm damage that makes water extraction so important? When the weather hits your home and water rushes into your house, your first instinct is to stop the water. But to remove it, you will need water extraction help. It does not matter where the water came from or why. What does matter is how you manage to remove the water. And how well you remove it.

    Storm Damage Often Includes Water Damage

    The Woodstock storm damage restoration process starts with accessing the water damage. And the first thing to do when you have water damage is water extraction. Now, we will explain what happens and what to expect when you have water damage in your house.

    Do I Need Storm Damage Restoration Services?

    Restoration after Woodstock storm damage and water damage is not optional. It is a necessity. Without proper restoration, you can be homeless. Do not try to cut corners when restoring your home. That will extend the time your house is unlivable. Homes can suffer long-term issues resulting from water damage. And potentially, a home can become a total property loss.

    What Is Water Damage Restoration?

    restoration is the process of returning your home to its pre-damaged condition. That must take place no matter what level of damage you find after a leak or a flood. Although there are no existing government regulations regarding water damage cleanup, there are industry standards of care. These standards are from the IICRC or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC is the organization that certifies restoration companies and their techs. These standards reflect restoration principles, scientific research, consultation, and hands-on experience.

    Why Is Water Extraction Important?

    Getting the water out of your house is the first and most important step after flooding. It is the only way to restore a home after an influx of water. And timing is critical. The longer you leave the water alone after a flood, the more damage it does to your property. Water damages your belongings, too, and can ruin a home’s structural soundness.

    What is The Storm Damage Restoration Process?

    So when you call a Woodstock storm damage restoration company, like Can-Restore, they are open 24/7/365. When they arrive, they will assess the damage and create an action plan based on the circumstances. First, Can-Restore restoration experts examine the cause of the water damage and determine the amount of water present. Next, our technicians begin the storm and water damage restoration process. That begins with water extraction, moves to drying, property repair, and structural repairs and restoration. Addressing the water in your home sooner rather than later improves the chances of a full recovery. However, when you leave water damage as it is, damages can become extensive. Also, the storm damage restoration process can take longer and cost more.

    What is Proper Water Extraction?

    Many homeowners use a shop-vac to remove water from their homes. But, unfortunately, shop-vacs are not very effective water-removing tools. So what happens when storm damage in Woodstock allows water to enter your home? The water goes where you can see it and also wets places you cannot see. That is why, without the proper tools, water and moisture continue to cause damage. Damage includes mold growth which can destroy your environment.

    How Do Certified Technicians Perform the Water Extraction Process?

    These are the steps to do to ensure proper water extraction in most situations.

    What Happens After the Water Extraction?

    When you have storm damage in Woodstock, what occurs after removing the water? After water extraction is complete and the area is thoroughly dry, repair and restoration begin. Property restoration generally includes cleaning, deodorizing, mold removal, and more. In addition to restoring the property structure, other items will need restoration. These include furniture, electronics, documents, and photos.

    Call the Best Woodstock Storm Damage restoration Company, Can-Restore

    Water damage in your Woodstock home is a nightmare. Proper restoration techniques are critical to ensure you can get back in your home. to restore the pre-storm-damage condition of your home, act as quickly as possible. Contact Can-Restore for help with storm damage and water damage restoration. Call us at (770) 735-2695.