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  • The ABC’s of Fire and Water Restoration Services in Alpharetta

    fire and water restoration Three of the most common reasons for disaster restoration are water, fire and smoke. When disaster strikes your home, understanding fire and water restoration services will help give you peace of mind as you move through the process of rebuilding your home and your life.


    Water damage can come from something as simple as a leaking pipe or appliance to something as devastating as a flood. When you experience water damage, it’s essential to start the restoration process as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to the structure of the building and to prevent the development of mold, which can be toxic and dangerous. A professional should assess the damage and create a plan for disaster restoration services to fit your needs, including water removal, anti-microbial application, and drying of the building, furniture and belongings.

    Fire and Smoke

    Fire and smoke damage can come from something minor, like a kitchen fire, to total devastation of your home and belongings. If your home is recoverable, disaster restoration services will help you get back to living in it as quickly as possible. The steps include:

    If you’ve had a disaster strike your home, count on an expert to help guide you through the process of fire and water restoration services. Don’t do it alone, contact an Alpharetta, GA fire and water restoration company today.