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  • The Top 4 Things Dorothy Would Say About Wind Damage and Wind Damage Restoration

    roswell ga wind damage restoration Storms and wind and damage, oh my! Summer storms can bring high winds and with them comes wind damage and wind damage restoration. Here are the top 4 things Dorothy would say about wind damage.

    1.  Wind Damage Occurs Below the Roof

    Most of us think of roof damage when we imagine storm damage, but the truth is; wind damage often occurs below the roofline. Damage to shutters, gutters, landscaping, patios, doors, and screens are all common types of storm damage and this leads to wind damage restoration.

    2.  When the Tree Hits the House

    Wind damage often includes: broken tree branches and downed trees. These can do extensive damage to homes; can pull down power lines; and can land on cars, patios, and outbuildings.

    3.  Water, Water Everywhere

    Storm damage, unfortunately, usually includes water. When you have wind damage that includes damage to roofs and walls; water from the rain can seep into your home. Water damage is one of the worst parts about storm damage. It requires special cleanup and treatment, not just repair.

    4.  Stay Away From the Windows

    One of the most dangerous affects of wind damage is broken windows. The glass can fly across the room and cause serious injuries as well as causing damage to things in the house.

    Storms and wind damage are a part of life, but if you know what to expect, you can get through them safely. When the storm has passed; call in the professionals to help you with your wind damage restoration. In your area,