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  • Understanding the Depths of Smoke Damage in Homes

    smoke damage in home alpharetta Smoke is messy stuff, and when you’ve had a fire at your home, you know how devastating it can be and truly how much damage the smoke can cause. If you experience a fire and are facing cleanup, it’s important to understand the depths of smoke damage in homes.

    Smoke Travels

    Smoke travels in unexpected ways and into enclosed spaces where it can be difficult to detect and access. But smoke damage needs to be addressed in all areas where it’s been. It can get in between walls and in crawl spaces as well as into the fabrics in curtains, furniture and clothing.

    Different Fire, Different Smoke

    Smoke and soot are made up of elements of the fuel that was burned during the fire. Because of this, smoke damage can vary depending on the fuel of the fire. If it’s a protein fire, which is common in kitchen fires, the residue can be invisible but can leave a sticky film that can discolor what it hits. Fires that burn plastics and textiles can be full of chemicals and particles from the plastics, and leave a soot and smoke residue that is dangerous and toxic. A smoldering fire leaves smoke damage that is sticky and smeary and difficult to clean.

    Understanding the depths of smoke damage in homes really comes down to how deep smoke damage can go. Between the different types of smoke and soot and how smoke can get into small and hidden areas of your home, understanding smoke damage is important.

    Trust a professional to help you determine the best way to address the smoke damage in your home. Contact a professional today at Can-Restore, and download our latest report on Fire, Water, and Smoke Damage for Alpharetta, GA home and business.