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  • 3 Things That Won’t Happen in Fire Restoration Companies

    Fire restoration company. That sounds like something really awesome, doesn’t it? It is. But what do they do? They restore property after a fire, right? Yes, and so much more. But a reliable fire restoration company won’t do a lot of things, too. Here are 3 of them.

    1. Put You On a Wait List

    Fire restoration companies act quickly when they get a call about a fire, in fact most have 24-hour emergency response. They will not put you on a wait list. Fire restoration companies understand that immediate attention is essential to salvaging and recovering as much property as possible. The longer the smoke and soot sit, and the longer the water lingers, the more damage that is done.

    2. Let Smoke and Soot Lie

    Smoke and soot is corrosive and damaging, often containing toxic particles from the materials that were burned in the fire. Fire restoration companies understand this and their priority is to get the smoke and soot residue cleaned up and removed as quickly as possible.

    3. Wing It

    Fire restoration companies are made up of experts in fire damage repair and cleanup. They have specialized equipment, products and techniques to carefully and completely clean up after a fire. They never just wing it.

    If you have fire damage you need cleanup and a fire restoration company you can trust. For a company with all of the know-how you need, contact Can-Restore for immediate attention. For more information on fire damage, download our latest report on Fire, Water, and Smoke Damage for home and business.