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  • Six Water Damage Tips To Help You Clean The Mess And Stop The Stress

    Cartersville Water Damage Advice From Can-Restore Experts

    Repairing Cartersville water damage any time of year can be a nightmare. But instead of it getting down and letting it ruin your life, we can help you. Please, take heart in knowing here is the best advice for you from professionals there. What do you need to know about repairing Cartersville water damage? Want to know what it takes to really tackle repairing Cartersville water damage? Get ready to learn how to clean up the mess and stop the stress. Here we share some of the best advice we have heard on the subject.

    Top Six Cartersville Water Damage Tips You Need To Knowcartersville-water-damage

    1. Be Patient Drying Out Takes Time

    If you have had a flood, whether it is due to mother nature or a leaking pipe, it is surprising how much water can pour into your home in a short time. And although the problem happens quickly, remember that the drying and restoration process takes time. So our advice here is: be patient. Many steps go into drying and cleaning up Cartersville water damage, do not rush the process!

    2. Turn Off The Power Safely

    The number one priority after flooding is safety. Never enter a wet or flooded room or basement until you are sure it is safe. When we say safe, the first thing we are referring to is electricity. Make sure the power is 100% off! Turn off the power to your home at the breaker box if you can access it safely. Water and electricity do not mix. And you do not want to find yourself in a dangerous situation with the risk of electrocution.

    3. Floodwater Can Be Full Of Contaminates

    Once the electricity is off, there are still hazards you need to be aware of to keep yourself safe. If you have basement flooding, there is a good chance of sewage contamination. Please do not go in there because it is a serious health risk. Wait for the professionals at Can-Restore to arrive. Suppose the floodwaters came in from the outside because of a storm or other natural disaster. In that case, the water contaminates like animal waste, bacteria, petroleum products, and toxic chemicals can mix with the floodwaters. Be cautious, and please do not jump in just because it is your Cartersville house. Wait for the experts to ensure your safety.

    4. Cover Your Assets To Keep Water Out

    If a storm causes your Cartersville water damage, you may also have damage to your roof, windows, or siding. It is important to secure your house if that is the case. Ensure you cover any holes in your house to prevent more damage from rain, wind, or additional stormy weather. Installing a tarp is a good quick fix to protect your property from further water damage.

    5. Act Quickly Because Water Damage Moves Fast

    Water in your Cartersville home will continue to damage as long as you leave it to its own devices. Everything from material disintegration to warping to rotting to mold and mildew growth happens fast. In other words, the longer water sits, the more damage it will do. Time is of the essence when it comes to Cartersville water damage restoration. Do not hesitate to call Can-Restore when floodwaters invade your life.

    6. Please Do Not DIY Cartersville Water Damage Restoration

    In this era of do-it-yourself enthusiasts, it is easy to imagine you could take on the challenges of a flood. Still, Cartersville water damage repair is a job for the water restoration experts. If there is one piece of advice we can give, it is this. There is so much at stake. DIY water restoration is a bad idea. When water cleanup is done improperly or is incomplete more problems will arise. For instance, mold will begin to grow with major consequences in the future. Also, water damage can cause structural damage that is not easy to identify. Structural issues can not only lead to more serious property damage but can also be dangerous. Even worse than the financial ramifications, your family is at risk for exposure to a dangerous and unstable house and the dangers and health risks of toxic mold.

    Cartersville Water Damage Done Right

    Cartersville water damage is a big drag! But when it happens, do not put your head in the sand. It is essential to take immediate action to save your property. Take our advice and take the necessary precautions, and hire a professional to handle the restoration and repair process the right way, the first time. Then you can get back to your schedule with a dry house and peace of mind. Click to contact Can-Restore to help repair Cartersville water damage, or call (770) 735-2695.