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  • How Not to Get Contaminated During Mold Clean Up

    smyrna ga mold clean upWarm, humid spaces with a little dust are not hard to come by. They are, in fact, the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold has been in the spotlight a lot in recent years, and though it doesn’t get as much attention lately, it’s no less dangerous. Mold is toxic and can cause a number of health issues. If you’re facing mold clean up, these toxins are a huge concern. Avoiding contamination is key.

    Mold spores are the biggest concern when it comes to mold clean up. When you move mold in the process of removing it, the spores break free and become airborne. Breathing in mold spores is dangerous and toxic, especially in large quantities as is possible during mold clean up. Wearing a respirator mask will help you avoid breathing in the mold spores.

    Touching mold is not a good idea either. You want to avoid skin contact during mold clean up. Gloves, long sleeves and long pants, at the minimum, are necessary to keep your skin away from the mold.

    Finally, protecting the rest of your home during mold clean up is a great way to prevent contamination. Seal off the room where the mold damage is to prevent it from spreading while you’re in the process of removing it.

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