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  • Cracking the Secret to Protecting Your Home From Flood Damage

    Alpharetta protecting your home from flood damage Flood damage to your home can be devastating. It can damage your home and everything in it, including your sense of security and well being. Are there ways to protect your home from flood damage? Here are a few not-so-secret secrets about protecting your home from flood damage.

    Prevention by Inspection

    Have your home inspected by a professional plumber and a roofing expert. Once a year is ideal. This is the number one way to prevent flood damage from internal and external leaks.

    Foundation Check

    Your foundation needs regular inspection as well, including the area around your house and the soil that sits against your home’s foundation. Flood damage commonly occurs due to improper slope of the soil next to your house that causes water to pool and seep into your basement through the foundation. Make sure the soil slopes away from the side of the house so water flows away from the foundation and that there are no cracks in the foundation itself.

    Clean the Gutters

    Seems simple enough, but clean gutters are a great way to prevent flood damage. If gutters are clogged or blocked with dirt, shingle remnants and leaves they cannot properly direct water down and away from your home. When they get blocked the water will spill out elsewhere and can often lead to leaks and flooding.

    Home protection is a great way to prevent flood damage during summer storms or if you have a leak in a pipe or plumbing. Stay aware of the state of your home through inspections and regular maintenance. Protecting your home from flood damage can be easy with the right help.  If a storm is strong enough and flood damage does occur, be sure to call the local leaders in storm restoration at the Alpharetta, GA Can-Restore.