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  • Little Known Facts About Black Mold Symptoms – And Why They Matter

    black mold symptoms roswell ga We hear a lot about mold these days, especially in the humid southern states. Mold has had increasing attention due to its dangers and toxicity. What you may not know is that black mold is becoming more prevalent. Here are some little known facts about black mold and black mold symptoms.

    If you live in a house with any type of mold, you are generally exposed to it by breathing the airborne mold spores, and since it is an allergen, this is the primary cause of black mold symptoms.

    There are different types of black mold symptoms, which include mental and neurological symptoms, respiratory symptoms, and general sense of discomfort. To break down the black mold symptoms by category, here are some things to look out for.

    Black Mold Symptoms – Mental and Neurological

    Black Mold Symptoms – Respiratory

    Black Mold Symptoms – General

    The fact is not all mold is toxic, and not all mold that is dark in color is toxic black mold. But if you have any of the black mold symptoms listed above and you have had a water leak or flood or high levels of humidity in your house, it’s time to get your home tested for mold and mold damage.

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