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  • The 3 Most Shocking Things about Fire and Smoke Damage

    The lasting effects of Canton fire and smoke damage stay after the firefighters put out the flames.

    Here are the most shocking things about Canton fire and smoke damage and how to get the restoration services you need. While a house fire is a terrifying situation, dealing with the residual fire and smoke damage is another swift kick to the gut. No matter how many fire alarm drills you practice, you can never fully prepare yourself for this devastating emergency. Even worse, after extinguishing the flames, you will most likely find yourself with a large amount of damage around your property. 

    Here is why you should clean up your home as soon as possible after a fire:

    Smoke Leaves Damage Everywhere

    Even if you put out the fire quickly, you may still find smoke damage in surprising places. Smoke is sinister. It travels through your air vents, destroying rooms the fire didn’t touch. You may not even notice its trail of destruction until a few days later. If you don’t have your home restored, soot and ash may permanently discolor your walls, ceilings, fixtures, and just about everything else.

    Smoke also smells terrible. There isn’t a Yankee Candle strong enough to neutralize the bonfire-Esque aroma. Soot embeds itself in fabrics and can even enter your air ducts. If you don’t address the problem, your home could stink for years, and your property value will flatline.

    Fire and Smoke Damage

    Smoke Damage and Your Lungs Do Not Mix

    While burns are painful and dangerous, more people die from smoke inhalation. Even after your family escapes a burning building, you may not be safe. Living in your home after a fire can have negative consequences on your health.

    Smoke contains a ton of toxins, many of which are carcinogens. Furthermore, not all substances burn cleanly. Some of your burnt belongings may become hazardous to your health. Plastics, carpets, fabrics, and wood products could all leach dangerous particles into the air. Furthermore, soot and smoke can linger in your home for a long time after a fire.

    Breathing in soot is very dangerous. It can lead to long-term upper respiratory problems, including asthma, coughing, and even lung cancer. Those with compromised immune systems and the elderly are at an even higher risk of experiencing complications. Before you move back into your home, you need to ensure the air is clean and safe to breathe.

    Emergency Services Leave Behind Damage

    Not all the damage left behind after a fire is due to smoke. In many cases, the firefighters must knock down doors or break windows to rescue trapped people and pets. They may even cut holes in walls to ensure they put out every single flame. These holes also provide much-needed ventilation to slow the fire’s growth. Even water damage from hoses is very common after a house fire. And fire extinguishers leave behind a non-toxic, powdery residue.

    While they may leave a trail of Canton fire and smoke damage around your home, firefighters are heroes. They put their lives in harm’s way to save your family. And they don’t expect to receive anything in return for their gracious services. However, you will need to make repairs around your home before it’s habitable again.

    Leave the Canton Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup to the Pros

    Cleaning your home after a fire is a huge undertaking. It’s also not for the novice. Fires leave behind layers of soot and loads of toxic substances. Trying to sort through the mess can even be dangerous. It’s always best to hire a fire restoration service to tackle the job for you. Can-Restore has the experience and tools needed to erase the signs of fire, smoke, and water damage in your home. The sooner you call for cleanup, the faster your life will return to normal. You can count on our rapid-response team to be there when you need us the most. We offer 24/7 emergency service because we understand that time is of the essence after a house fire. When we finish, your home will look like new again. Contact Can-Restore for help with Canton fire and smoke damage by clicking or calling (770) 735-2695.