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  • 2 False Facts About Fire and Water Damage Everyone Thinks Are True

    fire and water damage Fire and water don’t seem to go together, but after a fire, there certainly is damage from both. Firefighters use large amounts of water to extinguish big fires and the water can often do as much damage as the fire. So besides the fact that fire and water actually do go together, here are 2 more facts about fire and water damage restoration that everyone thinks are true.

    Fire and Water Damage Restoration is a DIY Project

    This is something most people believe to be true especially when it comes to small fires, such as a kitchen fire. When the damage seems minimal it makes sense to try to clean it up on your own. However, when you attempt fire and water damage restoration yourself you could find not far down the road that your home still smells like smoke and that you still have signs of water damage, and you may not even be aware of some of it, especially if it’s hidden behind walls and under flooring.

    Sprinkler Activation Caused Fire and Water Damage is the Worst

    Many people believe that the water damage from fire sprinkler activation is actually worse than the damage that would result from the fire alone. Sprinklers activated in a fire often prevent total destruction by the fire, they prevent the spread of fire from the room of origin, and they allow valuable time for people to evacuate. Water used by firefighters is often up to 10 times as much as what comes out of the sprinklers. Fire and water damage restoration from sprinklers needs to be addressed just as it would any other fire and water damage, but with luck, there will be less damage to address.

    There are a lot of false facts floating around about fire and water damage restoration. Don’t believe everything you hear. Take a look at the latest report on fire, water and smoke damage from the Marietta, GA Can-Restore and get the facts.