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  • 3 False Facts About Water Damage Everyone Thinks Are True

    water damage Water damage is one of the most common types of home damage. But many of us don’t really understand what water damage is all about.

    To straighten some things out, here are three false facts about water damage that everyone thinks are true.

    1. Water Damage Only Results from Major Flooding

    In truth it only takes one or two inches of water to create water damage in your home. That’s enough to ruin carpets, wood flooring, baseboards and belongings. And if it occurs on an upper level, it can cause major damage to the floors below.

    2. Everything Needs Replacement

    After a flood it’s a common misconception that anything damaged must be discarded and replaced. It’s often less expensive to salvage and restore damaged structures and belongings than it is to replace everything.

    3. Drying Out Is a Cure-All

    While drying out the affected area is essential, it’s not the only restoration that needs to happen to repair water damage. Full appraisal is essential to determining what damage has been done and how extensive the water damage is. Additionally, if the area is not properly cleaned and treated, mold and mildew can take hold and then you have a whole different level of damage and concern to deal with.

    Water damage can be devastating and daunting. Don’t let false facts about water damage lead you in the wrong direction when dealing with a flood. Contact a specialist to help you restore your home or your business.

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