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  • Why DIY Water Damage Restoration Never Works Out the Way You Planned

    water damage restoration Water damage can come from a variety of sources including floods, storms, broken pipes and fire hoses. The cause of the water damage generally can’t be controlled, and when considering DIY water damage restoration, neither can the outcome.

    Here are two huge reasons why DIY water damage restoration never works out the way you planned.

    1. Belongings Removal Is More Complicated Than You Might Think

    Seems easy enough. Just take out what’s been damaged or what’s in the damaged or water-filled area. But wait…where do you put all that stuff? That’s the biggest dilemma when dealing with belongings removal during water damage restoration. If you DIY, you have to figure out what to do with it. A professional restoration company will provide removal AND storage of your belongings.

    2. Water Removal Is a BIG Project

    Just get out the old shop vac and some fans, right? Wrong. Many homeowners who have water damage and want to try to clean it up themselves are faced with a daunting task. The water removal process alone is a huge undertaking. And if you’re trying to tackle it with a shop vac, you might be in for a huge surprise in just how much water you can take out of a flooded home. That’s a lot of trips to the drain. A water damage restoration company has special equipment to effectively remove the water and dispose of it properly. Additionally, they have industrial fans to quickly dry out the water damage before mold can set in.

    If you’ve had a flood and need water damage restoration you can try to DIY. But the reality is that DIY water damage restoration never works out the way you planned. It takes special equipment and knowledge to get the job done right. If you need water damage restoration in your home, call today and talk to a representative at Can-Restore in Alpharetta.