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  • Smoke Damage Do’s and Don’ts

    smoke damage
    Homeowners don’t always realize the danger found in smoke damage. Lingering toxins can coat property, poisoning your surroundings without you even knowing. Follow these simple tips before considering your home safe.

    First, limit movement in your home to prevent soot particles from getting embedded in carpet and upholstery. Keep your hands clean to avoid cross-contamination from one room to another. While gloves can be helpful, they won’t stop from toxins moving into new areas.

    Second, throw out any food, canned or otherwise, that was close to the fire. Take your clothing to a laundry to a professional laundry shop, or dry cleaner, with smoke damage experience. Washing them just will not do the trick, so if you’re only option is washing them regularly, get rid of them instead and buy new clothing.

    Third, avoid the following:

    • Shampooing the carpets or washing the walls without expert advice
    • Salvaging your appliances or electronics on your own
    • Turning your lights or ceiling fan on if the ceiling is wet

    Finally, seek the help of a professional who deals in smoke damage. You can have your home assessed for dangerous chemicals before you move back in, as well as receive advice on how to restore it safely. Many experts will provide you with a free consultation, so don’t go without an experienced opinion.

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