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  • Need Some Wet Basement Solutions? Read This Before Taking Action

    Which wet basement solutions in Marietta will work for you?

    wet basement solutions

    Wet basement solutions in Marietta are what it takes when you have a flooded basement. We are all too aware of humid and wet basements. But what can you really do about them? You need some wet basement solutions! Before you do anything, read this for some great ideas.

    Gutter Extensions

    Really? Yep. Sometimes it can be that simple. One of the quickest and easiest wet basement solutions in Marietta is to simply add gutter extensions. Water from your roof should be directed out and away from your house. If it is getting dumped too close to the foundation, it can seep in and create a wet basement situation.

    Landscaping Adjustments

    Along the same lines as adding gutter extensions, another wet basement solution in Marietta is to adjust the landscaping around your home to help direct water out and away rather than toward the foundation. If you have any soil that slopes toward your house instead of away from it, reshape the soil and adjust the landscaping so that it slopes away.

    Insulate Pipes and Fix Vents

    A relatively easy wet basement solution in Marietta that you may be able to do yourself is to insulate your pipes. This will stop condensation and keep the condensation from dripping into your basement. Another easy fix it to tape your dryer vent to be sure any humid air from your dryer isn’t escaping into your already humid basement.

    Fix Cracks and Waterproof

    Inspect your foundation and the walls of your basement carefully and regularly. This wet basement solution in Marietta should be done at least once a year. Fill any cracks or gaps to prevent water from leaking into your basement. Once any cracks have been repaired, waterproof the walls and floor for additional humidity protection.

    Even with the best laid plans for wet basement solutions, sometimes you can still get a leak or some other type of water damage. When this happens, you can rely on Can-Restore you manage any water damage restoration.

    For more information on wet basement solutions and water damage restoration, call us today at (770) 735-2695.