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  • Smoke and Water Damage and Why They Go Together

    Smoke and water damage go hand in hand after a fire.

    smoke and water damage Nothing is worse than dealing with smoke and water damage! Of course, they go together. That might surprise you, if you’ve never had a house fire. Here’s why you’ll find smoke damage and water damage hanging out together.

    Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

    Where there’s a fire, there’s water to extinguish that fire. And after a fire, the flames may be gone, but the smoke damage and the water damage sure aren’t. After a fire, you have more to deal with than just some charring.

    Smoke Damage is the Worst!

    Smoke damage after a fire has been known to have people tear down their houses and start over just to get rid of the smell. Smoke odor can be that bad. Not only does it smell bad, it’s also hard to get rid of. In fact, there are a variety of different kinds of smoke damage that require different types of treatment. Depending on the type of fuel that burned, different soot and smoke residue will be left behind and each has their own special elements that make it much more than a one-size-fits-all fix.

    Water Damage is Terrible Too!

    It’s not just smoke damage that’s awful, but water damage is also terrible. It can destroy your belongings, your walls and flooring, and even your whole home. Not only can it destroy things like drywall, carpet and wood flooring, but if left untreated it leaves behind that nasty and toxic stuff called mold.

    Smoke and Mirrors? Nope, Smoke and Water

    Smoke damage and water damage go together because they’re both found at the same horrible event: a fire. Dealing with either is bad enough, but dealing with both can be downright devastating.

    Don’t go it alone if you’re facing smoke damage and water damage after a fire. Trust the professionals at Can-Restore to help you assess, estimate, and manage the smoke damage and water damage restoration process.

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