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  • Different Types of Water Damage You Could Face in Your Home

    Think you’re safe from water damage? Think again.

    water damage Water damage can happen when you least expect it and from sources you might never consider. There are a number of ways water can get into your home and cause extensive damage that will need prompt attention. Here are just some of the different types of water damage you could face in your home.

    Water Intrusion from Pipes

    Your pipes are in charge of directing water to the various faucets in your home, and because they are mostly behind walls, we don’t think to check on them very often. When pipes leak, either from freezing or age or damage, even a small leak over time can create huge amount of damage from water intrusion.

    Water Intrusion from Weather

    Inclement weather can wreak havoc on your home in so many ways, but water damage is one of them. Torrential rains can overload gutters and drains and allow water to seep into your home, and since water flows downhill, it will generally end up in your basement or lower level. Depending on how much water gets in will determine the amount of damage and the level of cleanup required.

    Water Intrusion After a Fire

    If you’ve had a fire in your home, even a minor fire, you will most likely have water damage from extinguishing the fire. Sometimes after a fire the water damage from extinguishing the fire is greater than the damage from the fire itself.

    Water Intrusion from Sewer Backup

    This is the least favorite of all the types of water damage, to be sure. But it’s not all that uncommon. This type of water damage is extremely dangerous due to the high levels of bacteria.

    No matter what type of water damage you’re facing in your home, know that you can count on the professionals at Can-Restore to help you recover quickly and get back to life as you know it.

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