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  • The Most Common Type of Storm Damage Repair in the Spring and Summer

    Canton Storm Damage Repair in Spring and Summer Seasons

    Storm Damages Repair One of the necessary evils of spring and summer is storm damage repair in Canton. Unfortunately, damage to your home and property is not for winter only. It’s often worse in the warmer months. When we think of storm damage, our minds often go straight to flooding but some of the biggest issues when it comes to clean-up after a storm have to do with your outside living spaces. Strong winds, rain, and hail destroy your landscaping. Trees fall as well wreak ing havoc on your property and your home. And don’t forget about other items storms pick up in high winds. This debris becomes projectiles damaging all in its path. In addition, hail and other storm elements cause damage as well.

    Common Types of Storm Damage Repair in Canton

    Storm Damage from Trees

    Trees can cause some of the worst damage when there’s a big spring or summer storm. High winds and lots of rain or hail can cause leaves to be shredded and stick to or even scratch your windows, clog your gutters, and even get wedged in your siding and roofing. And that’s just the start.

    If the wind is strong enough, it can lead to broken branches that can fall on your roof, break windows, damaged siding, destroy outdoor furniture, and ruin expensive landscaping or even outbuildings or sheds. If the storm is severe enough, it can even pull down entire trees, devastate or destroy a home if it falls through walls or breaks through the roof. And if a big enough tree falls on a car, it can crush it, not to mention what it can do to outdoor spaces, sidewalks, and walkways.

    Patio Furniture and Storm Damage

    In the South, we often have huge storms with high winds. Unfortunately, those winds are strong enough to pick up furniture and send it sailing through the air on occasion. If you’re lucky, it will just land on the lawn, but in most cases, it’s going to land someplace where it can do damage. This can include the pool, on top of other furniture, into a fence, through a window, or against the side of your home. Any of these can cause breakage enough to require at least some repair, if not extensive restoration work.

    Wind and Hail Damage

    Storm Damages Repair The wind is a huge factor in big spring and summer storms, especially those that cause damage. In addition to pulling down trees and breaking branches as well as picking up furniture, it can also be bold enough to tear off roofing tiles, lift siding, and tear landscaping up and out of the dirt.

    And did we mention hail? Hail is the worst! In the spring, as the weather changes from cool to warm, it’s not uncommon to get hail, and with it often comes roof damage, broken windows, holes in siding, torn window screens, and chipped paint.

    When It is Time to Repair after a Storm in Canton

    Now that we’ve taken a look at what can happen during a spring or summer storm, what do we do about it? The key is the get a storm restoration company on-site as quickly as possible. Here’s what our storm damage repair team at Can-Restore can do:

    Hopefully, you won’t fall victim to the seasonal storms we’ve become familiar with in our area; however, should you see the dark clouds forming, it’s good to be aware of some of the potential issues that could arise from the wind, rain, and hail that comes with them.

    When damage does occur, be sure to address it as quickly as possible. Contact Can-Restore for help with storm damage repair in Canton by calling (770) 735-2695.