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  • The Real Deal On Water Damage and the Mold Cleanup Process in Marietta

    water damage and mold clean up Water damage remediation and mold removal requires more than just a splash of bleach and some sun. Mold is often growing where you can’t see it. It can thrive in ducts, vents, behind walls and under drywall. Anywhere there is a combination of moisture, oxygen, dust, and especially after water damage, mold can thrive.  And if you think it’s a challenge to see, here’s the real deal on the water damage and mold cleanup process.

    Step 1: Identify

    Mold needs to be identified before it can be treated. Surface and air testing can verify if visible discoloration is indeed mold as well as identify if mold is present that may not be visible, so the mold cleanup process can move forward.

    Step 2: Contain

    Contain the mold, and the area surrounding it. It’s sort of like a quarantine. Mold spores can easily be spread if disturbed. Containing the affected areas can help prevent the spread.

    Step 3: Treat

    Removing the affected materials, when possible, is necessary. It’s also essential to dispose of them properly by putting them in plastic bags to protect anyone who handles them. When the surfaces of the interior of the building are affected, the mold cleanup will involve cleaning and scrubbing of all surfaces with the appropriate tools and detergents.

    Step 4: Prevent

    A critical step in the mold cleanup process is correcting the water damage and preventing regrowth of mold. Antimicrobials applied to the affected areas along with proper cleaning and treatment, will help keep the mold from returning.

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