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  • Know the Danger: Recognizing Black Mold Symptoms in Roswell GA

    black mold


    Black mold is no joke. It looks fuzzy or slimy and can be black or greenish-black. If you see what you think is black mold in your home or business, the first thing to do is call a professional to test it for toxicity. And then have the professionals treat, remove and do mold restoration. In the meantime, it’s important to understand the danger. Here are some tips for recognizing black mold symptoms.

    Initial Black Mold Symptoms

    These are the most common initial black mold symptoms, often misdiagnosed as allergies or colds.

    Advanced Black Mold Symptoms

    When someone is exposed to mold repeatedly or for extended periods of time, more advanced symptoms may start to present themselves.

    If you are experiencing any of these symptoms without successful diagnosis or treatment, it’s possible you’re experiencing black mold symptoms. It might be time to check your home or office for mold. An expert in mold restoration can test your environment for mold and if it’s present, can proceed with mold removal and recovery.

    If you think you may be experiencing black mold symptoms in your Roswell, GA home or business, call today to talk to an expert.  (770) 735-2695