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  • 2 Reasons to Call in the Professionals for Water Damage Repair

    professionals for water damage repair Alpharetta Water damage can occur for many reasons. Leaking pipes, overflowing sinks and tubs, faulty appliances, flooding from a natural disaster or flooding from heavy rains from a storm are all common reasons for water damage. All of these situations require some form of water damage repair. If you’ve tried to tackle water damage repair on your own and you’re feeling like you might be a little off track and unsuccessful, there are two big reasons to consider calling in the professionals for water damage repair.

    1. Water Extraction Takes More Than a Shop-Vac

    If you really have a flood, of any size, water extraction is critical. Many homeowners have attempted water extraction themselves with their handy shop-vac. There are some reasons this water damage repair method is less than desirable. First of all, a shop-vac cannot extract as much water as professional water extraction equipment and can leave you with water leftover that can cause further damage. Second, there is a right and a wrong way to dispose of the water during water damage repair. Flood water in a home, no matter how little there might be, can often contain hazardous material from chemicals, cleaners and debris from the flood. Professionals can dispose of the water without causing a hazard to the area around your home.

    2. Mold Removal Isn’t Just a Nice Idea

    Mold can develop in as little as 24 hours where there is sitting water. If your water damage repair includes water that’s been sitting for any amount of time, professional mold treatment is necessary. Antimicrobials and mold abatement steps are required during water damage repair to ensure mold doesn’t spread and continue to damage your home and cause a health risk to you and your family.

    You only need two reasons to skip the DIY and go straight to a professional for water damage repair. Can-Restore is your go-to company for your water damage repair needs in Alpharetta, GA . Call us today.