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  • Knowing These 2 Secrets About Flood Water Removal Just Might Change Your Mind About Doing it Yourself

    The real deal about flood water removal, and what you can’t see.

    flood water removal Water cleanup in Arizona or Colorado is just a matter of extracting the water and setting up some fans. The dry climate in these states makes water removal a snap! Don’t tell them that, they might not feel the same way. But the truth is that living in the South in a humid climate changes the reality of dealing with water damage. Here are some facts about flood water removal that might make you rethink your DIY water removal decision.

     1. Water Removal is Mostly About What You Can’t See

    If you envision grabbing a mop and a shop vac and sucking up the water and calling it a day, think again. Water removal is about what isn’t visible. Water damage doesn’t just pool on the surface, it goes deep, below your carpet to your carpet pad and the flooring below that, and into your drywall and behind walls and cabinets. This water needs to be cleaned up too. This is where the real damage happens.

     2. Mismanaged Water Removal Only Leads to Bad Things. Like Mold

    Mold is a dangerous, destructive, and toxic substance that occurs when there’s too much moisture in a warm place. That’s what happens if water removal isn’t handled properly or completed effectively.

    Investing in professional water removal now will save you time and expense later, and many times water damage is covered by your insurance. Don’t take a chance with ineffective DIY water removal.

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