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  • Don’t Waste Time! 4 Facts About Hurricane Damage You Need to Know Now

    Marietta facts about hurricane damage Hurricane season is June through November. So, here we are. Hurricane season. And though Georgia rarely gets a direct hit by a hurricane, living near the coast in the south, most people are all too familiar with the hurricane season and the tropical storms that come with it. But what about hurricane damage to your home? If you haven’t had hurricane damage before, here are 4 facts about hurricane damage you need to know before the storm hits.

    1.  Primary Causes of Hurricane Damage

    The primary cause of hurricane damage to homes is damage from high wind and flooding from the torrential rains.

    2.  What the Wind Does

    The wind can cause damage to siding and it can break windows and blow in garage doors. Broken and downed trees are another result of hurricane damage.

    3.  What the Water Does

    Torrential rains can often cause flooding from overwhelmed gutters and downspouts, broken windows and damaged roofs, and saturated soil around and near your home.

    4.  What a Storm Damage Expert Will Do

    A storm damage restoration company will help you deal with hurricane damage quickly. With 24-hour emergency response and the tools and equipment to deal with the damage to trees, siding and flooding, they’re you’re one-stop-shop for hurricane damage.

    Check out the Marietta, GA Can-Restore today so you’re prepared when hurricane damage hits.