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  • Wind Damage and How It Can Affect Your Home

    Wind Damage
    The construction of your home is made with several different components and each component plays a role in providing protection against wind damage and related issues. The roof, doors, and windows protect you and the interior of your home from rain, sun, snow, and wind, but any type of heavy storm can cause damage. One of the most common problems many homeowners face is wind damage, which typically results in water problems too. Wind damage often includes the following:

    Roof and Siding

    Wind damage can affect your roof without you even know until you notice water leaking inside your home. High winds can remove shingles as well as drop debris on the roof, causing gouges and tears in the roofing material. Siding can be ripped off, torn, and cracked. Both types of damage can cause significant leaking into the structure of your home.


    Most people don’t consider the damage wind can do to your pipes, but it’s common, especially during storms involving high speeds. Strong winds can shake your home enough to loosen your pipes. Damaged plumping systems can result in significant water damage, as well as mold and mildew if the problem isn’t immediately addressed.

    Ultimately, wind can cause problems in many areas of your home. The windows, gutters and even the foundation aren’t guaranteed to be safe during a storm. If you notice signs of water leakage, such as stains on the ceiling, drips or bubbling paint, it is important to have your home inspected for the cause. When water sits for an unknown amount of time, it can pose potential health hazards. Finding a professional water and mold restoration company cleanup the water and/or mold is important and easy, contact a local company today.