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  • What to Do When the Need for Water Damage Repair Sneaks Up on You

    Don’t be afraid of water damage repair.

    water damage repair You hardly ever anticipate the need for water damage repair. It’s not like you talk to your neighbors about the broken pipe you’re expecting, or the leaky roof that you’re waiting for, or the deluge of water from the freak storm that’s been on your mind. Nope, we don’t generally expect water damage in our home, but it happens. And what do you do? Here’s some guidance on what do do when the need for water damage repair sneaks up on you.

    First of all, remain calm. Panic only makes things worse. Water damage repair needs to get started quickly to reduce the amount of damage, but calling in the professionals will help get you through the process quickly and easily.

    Second, call your insurance company. Make sure you’re covered for a flood or a broken pipe or a cracked foundation, whatever it is that let the water in, you need to get the claims process started in order to get the water damage repair underway.

    Third, call a professional restoration company. The best way to get ahead of the mess is to get an expert on site as quickly as possible. Water damage can lead to mold and mildew and deterioration in your home and to your belongings.

    If you have an unexpected leak or flood in your home, getting water damage repair started as quickly as possible is critical. Contact Can-Restore at (770) 735-2695 the minute you realize the need for water damage repair tried to sneak up on you.