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  • More Dangerous Than It Looks? The Truth About Mold Remediation

    Learn what you need to get water damage and mold remediation help.

    Mold Remediation Help When it comes to home catastrophes, water damage ranks right up there with the most devastating and potentially dangerous, which is why professional mold remediation services are so important. Even a small leak can cause major damage, and anything more than that can be devastating…unless, of course, the damage is treated quickly and properly. But aside from the damage to your home and to your belongings, what’s really the worst part about water damage? It’s the mold that follows. That’s why mold remediation is so important.

    What Is Mold?

    Mold isn’t just the green stuff you see on a sandwich that falls to the back of the refrigerator or the fuzzy stuff on those veggies you swore you’d eat by now. Mold is so much more.

    In nature, mold is part of the cycle of life for plants and other organic materials. It helps to break down trees, plants, and leaves so they decompose allowing for new growth. This is a necessary and beneficial process.

    Mold and Your Home and Your Health

    Mold in your home doesn’t have the same value as it does out in the forest. In fact, mold in your home is dangerous and destructive. Not only can it cause damage to your belongings and the structure of the home, including damage to wood and drywall, but it can be a huge health hazard.

    Mold is no joke. It can cause serious and sometimes severe health issues, especially in people with compromised immune systems, very young children, and the elderly.

    Some symptoms that can appear in individuals who are exposed to mold for extended periods include:

    Runny or stuffy nose
    Irritated or inflamed sinuses
    Cough and congestion
    Itchy, watery eyes
    Sore throat
    Shortness of breath
    Asthma attacks
    Respiratory issues

    Why Mold Remediation Matters

    When you have water damage, it’s vital for extraction and treatment to start immediately. The longer the water sits the more damage that can happen, and the more likely you’ll have mold growth, since mold can start to appear in less than 24 hours where water or excess moisture is present.

    Even with quick action and proper water damage restoration, mold can still be a big issue. With the danger it presents, it’s critical that it’s treated properly by a trained and licensed professional. Why? Because if it’s not done correctly it can not only be a failed attempt at getting rid of the mold, but it can actually exacerbate the situation by spreading the mold to other areas of the home.

    Proper Mold Remediation

    When professional water damage specialists are called to a home to deal with mold, they have a very specific process that is used to ensure successful removal without putting any individuals, including the team of technicians and the family that owns the house, at risk.

    Here are some of the steps that are taken in the process:

    Because of the dangerous nature of mold that is usually present after a leak or a flood or other water exposure in your home, it’s incredibly important the mold remediation is performed by a trained professional.

    Don’t mess with mold yourself. Contact Can-Restore for water damage and mold remediation help, anytime 24/7, by calling (770) 735-2695 or by clicking here.