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Our years of experience with managing flood, fire, wind, smoke, and mold damage brings the calm you need when you are in panic mode. We are here to restore your property and your life as soon as possible. At Can-Restore, we have won a well-deserved reputation for excellence based on years of dedication. Without fail we have reliably managed restoration projects from beginning to end while exceeding customer expectations. 24/7/365 we are here to serve you. Call Can-Restore to speak to a member of our team.

The Can-Restore Team responds to the need for help at once. From our emergency response and estimating teams to our supervisors and in-office staff we are like a well-oiled machine working efficiently with a quickness unmatched in the industry. Our experts then move to secure, protect, and preserve your property quickly. Can-Restore manages all details of your water, fire, smoke, storm, or mold damage restoration project from start to finish. Thus, ending the need for you to deal with multiple companies and vendors.

Marietta Water Damage Restoration from Can-Restore starts with compassion as we address your water damage with a rapid response to salvage property. Our certified technicians begin clean-up using the latest technology and specialize in water extraction, clean-up of sewage, antimicrobial treatment, and more. We also have mold removal specialists for drying, cleaning, restoration, repair, and reconstruction of water damage to homes and businesses.

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With climate change comes unexpected weather patterns. While tornados and frigid weather are traditional seasonal events, recent years have brought super storms to rage in and out of their season. The need for Storm Damage Restoration in Georgia and in Marietta specifically is high. High winds, flash-flooding, and lightning damaging property year-round. Rely on Can-Restore 24-Hour emergency response team at once when storms strike.

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The Marietta Fire Damage Restoration services we offer are comprehensive. After a home or business fire we know you will need soot, smoke, and odor removal, content cleaning, damage reconstruction, and property repairs. Over ten years, family-owned business Can-Restore has become a trusted fire restoration provider.

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The only way to fully restore property with smoke damage is to permanently rid the property of the prolific unpleasant harmful odor. This odor does not remove easily and permeates fabric, furniture, carpet, and everything it touches. Removing it requires furniture deodorizing and ozone smoke removal. The longer smoke damage stays untreated the more it worsens. Contact us to rid your property of smoke damage at once. Act at one to see the best recovery from smoke damage.

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When it comes to mold, we concern ourselves with the mold we can see and more importantly, with the mold we cannot see. We cannot see it, but we know it is there and we will destroy it. That is why we offer long-term solutions that fix not only the mold you can see but also underlying issues. And advice to avoid future problems. Can-Restore Mold Remediation Services include a comprehensive inspection that detects traces of growth throughout the property

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Marietta, Georgia, found 25 miles north of Atlanta, is the Cobb County seat along with the largest of the cities in the county. The theater scene in Marietta is at the heart of live entertainment in the city. Three acclaimed theaters host events and shows all year. from dramatic plays at Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre and New Theatre in the Square, to improvisational antics from Out of Box Theatre, Marietta loves to support drama. Marietta Square on a Marietta Walking Food Tour to taste the city's famous locally-owned and operated restaurants. Just off The Square, visit one of the six unique museums like the Marietta Fire Museum

American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology giants Dobbins Airforce Base and Lockheed Martin are major employers in the city. Marietta is home to the corporate headquarters for the world's largest zipper manufacturer, YKK Corporation of America. The Cobb County School District and WellStar Kennestone Hospital  round out the list of top Marietta employers.

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