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  • What You Should Really Be Concerned About With a Flooded Basement

    Flooded basement danger is about more than just the water.

    flooded basement Basement flooding is bad on so many levels! We can pretty much all agree that’s true. And cleaning it up is horrendous, yes? Yes. But the truth is that it can also be a dangerous situation. Here are some real concerns when it comes to a flooded basement.

    Electricity and Water Don’t Mix

    If there’s enough water present when you have a flooded basement, electrocution is a real danger. Everything from your outlets being exposed to water coming in contact with your appliances creates a risky situation. Don’t go into a flooded basement until you know the electricity is off and it is safe.

    Sewage and Water Do Mix. Unfortunately.

    With flooded basements comes sewage, more often than we’d like to think. Not only is sewage gross and unthinkable, but it’s dangerous. The bacteria and contaminants are toxic can mix with the flood water.

    Household Chemicals and Such

    Lots of people store chemicals in their basements. And why wouldn’t they? It’s the primary storage in most houses. But in a flooded basement those chemicals become vulnerable and can seep out and mix with the water creating a hazardous environment. Things such as paint, cleaning products, fertilizer, and auto maintenance fluids such as antifreeze then become a danger to anyone who wades into the flood waters.

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