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  • Top Fire and Water Restoration Tips From Atlanta Experts

    fire and water restoration

    The damage to a home or business from fire or water damage can be devastating. The cleanup can be daunting. But when the fire is out or the flow of water stopped, it’s time to deal with the damage. Experts have some great advice for cleanup time.

    Safety First

    Fire and water, either from a flood or from the effort used to extinguish a fire, can compromise the integrity of a structure. Do not enter a home damaged by fire and water until given the ok by the fire department. Once you enter, avoid rooms with standing water where electrical shock may be a hazard. Avoid rooms where the ceilings sag from the weight of water or the walls sag or lean. Collapse is a very real danger.


    The first 24 hours after a fire or a flood are critical when dealing with fire and water restoration. Mold and mildew can set in as soon as 24 hours after the water stops. Having the entire situation assessed by a professional as soon as possible can help the cleanup process proceed in the most effective way. Standing water or soot and debris that sits open to the elements will only hinder the fire and water restoration.


    Open the windows, if possible, after a flood or fire to help dry out the structure as much as possible. Turn on the air conditioning or the furnace if possible to help dehumidify the space and increase the air circulation.


    When entering the structure, be sure to wear protective gear. A face mask along with sturdy boots, leather gloves and protective eyewear will protect you from sharp or broken debris as well as any airborne contaminants.


    When the damage is done to the home or business, damage is also done to the individual, especially emotionally. Taking on the gargantuan task of fire and water restoration is often beyond what they’re able to manage. Hiring an expert in restoration is the most effective and timely way of dealing with the damage.

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