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How Does a Company Deal with Fire and Smoke Damage in Marietta?

When someone’s home suffers from a fire, there are a few things a company needs to do before the restoration process can begin. First, an assessment of the damage needs to be done. Some homes only require minimal repair work because the fire was restricted to the kitchen and put out quickly, but other homes will need extensive repair work if the fire was left to burn for an extended period. Once an initial assessment has been done, a plan will be created to deal with the fire damage and also for the smoke damage as well.

The process begins with removing parts of a home that are unsalvageable. Areas that were directly burned by fire, even if they don't look too bad, need to be removed for safety purposes. This is also a delicate task that requires professional assistance because removing burned sections out of order may result in even more damage. It's possible that tearing out a burned part of a home will cause sections of the wall to collapse. However, a professional restoration service will know exactly what to do to remove the damaged areas and not cause any unnecessary damage.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Fire and Smoke Damage in Marietta Over Regular Contractors

There are plenty of building contractors that know how to restore bedrooms and repair bathrooms, but they likely don't know how to deal properly with a home that was affected by fire. It's critical to hire a company that knows what they are doing for several reasons.
  • The air quality in a home is going to be severely diminished after a fire. An ozone treatment may be necessary, in addition to air purification processes.
  • Proper procedures will be followed when removing fire-damaged parts of a home. Ripping out a wall may result in more damage that could be avoided if the repair company knows what they are doing and properly assessed the damage before beginning to work.
  • After the obviously damaged parts of a home have been repaired, the unseen damages will be worked on. Smoke and soot damage can go unnoticed, but it will drastically affect the quality of life in a home. Removing the odors is a critical step in repairing a home after a fire.
  • Storage for personal items is often available from a company that provides fire and smoke restoration services. This helps a homeowner to avoid any unnecessary storage fees while their home is going through the repair process.

Proper Procedures for Fire and Smoke Damage in Marietta

When a home is being repaired, it’s critical that the restorations are done according to city regulations. This is important because a homeowner will need to provide documentation to their insurance company proving that inspections were done after the restorations and that everything was done correctly. A professional restoration company will have certifications that allow them to provide these documents to a homeowner, so they don't have any future problems with their insurance company.

There’s no need to worry about a home being damaged further or repairs being done incorrectly when dealing with a company that knows what they are doing when it comes to fire damages. Contact a company that offers restorations for fire and smoke damage in Marietta to get any property in better shape than it was before the accident.

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