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Kuykendall / Phillips Project

My girlfriend and I found toxic mold in our apartment and had no idea who to turn to. Our attorney referred us to a remediation company, Can-Restore, in Canton, GA. Can-Restore is one of the most honest and helpful companies we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. The owner of Can-Restore, Keith Harper, worked with us as much as possible and helped in any way he could. Can-Restore charges fair rates and are extremely flexible and accommodating.

Keith went above and beyond. He even offered non-remediation related advice and consulting when we needed guidance. One of their remediation specialists, Rudy, was also extraordinarily helpful during the remediation process. We would highly recommend Can-Restore to anyone who wants to feel confident and comfortable that their wants and needs will be met and then some!

Orrion Kuykendall and Caitlyn Phillips

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