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  • New Fire Damage Restoration Tips and Tactics You Should Know

    Just in case… are you prepared with these fire damage restoration tips?

    fire restoration damage tips There’s really only one reason you will ever need fire damage restoration tips. And if you are the victim of a fire, it’s good to be informed, it’s important to be knowledgeable, and it’s necessary for you to be able to operate and continue your life as you know it without being brought to your knees by the process.

    There have been lots of methods over the years for dealing with fire damage, but the latest techniques make the process quicker, and restoration more successful than ever. Here are a few fire damage restoration tips and tactics you should know about.

    Water Extraction

    Water is an unfortunate byproduct of fire extinguishing, and water damage can often do more damage than the fire itself. The good news is that water extraction techniques have come a long way. The latest technology allows for such comprehensive water removal that it cuts back significantly on the drying time.

    Something restoration professionals understand all too well is that water goes wherever it wants, it has no respect for walls and doors and foundations. Water can creep into any vacant space in your home, and if you don’t see it and remove it, it can create moisture pockets that then begin to grow mold and harbor bacteria.

    It’s a vital first step to remove all of the water from your home after a fire. Once the water is out, the rest of the cleanup can begin.

    Removing Burned Debris and Structural Elements

    Because there are so many items in the average home that are made from synthetic materials, there is a whole new set of issues facing fire damage restoration specialists. In the past it might have been possible to clean up and refinish wood flooring, but today with the laminate floors and synthetic carpets and carpet padding, the result after a fire is a mess of melted, dangerous, and toxic debris.

    Removing your belongings for discard, storage, or restoration is one thing, but these days it’s often necessary to completely remove flooring, carpeting, drywall, and fixtures after a fire. Some can be saved, but a lot will have to be replaced. The good news is that you won’t be living with burned out flooring that might be damaged and emitting toxins.

    Smoke Treatment

    Smoke is so pervasive and persistent, it’s one of the most important things to treat properly after a fire. The odor can linger for ages, and it can ruin your home and actually make it unlivable. With the newest technology in air scrubbers and ozone treatment, it’s easier than ever to get rid of the smoke odor after a fire.

    In addition to the odor being a huge, and often insurmountable issue, smoke residue and soot are extremely corrosive. Removing them properly with the right tools and products will ensure as little damage as possible is done after the fire.

    Mold Removal and Prevention

    Something that has become more and more of an issue as we become increasingly dependent on our climate controlled environments, is mold. The latest tactics for removing mold and treating it as quickly as possible after the water used to extinguish the fire is removed, are cutting edge.

    Mold is so toxic, it can cause reactions in people of all ages and levels of health, but it’s especially dangerous to young children, the elderly, and anyone with any type of asthma, respiratory illness, extreme allergies, or compromised immune system. Treating it and preventing it are critical to keeping everyone in your home healthy and safe.

    If you’ve had a fire in your home, you want to make sure whoever helps you recover from the fire damage knows the latest and greatest techniques for cleanup. At Can-Restore, we are experts at dealing with every aspect of fire damage.

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