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  • Cool and Clever Tricks Fire Restoration Companies Use When Dealing with Fire Damage

    Fire Restoration Companies What can fire restoration companies do that I can’t?

    The real reason fire restoration companies are in business is to help homeowners when there’s a disaster. Can you imagine trying to cleanup after a fire without any help, assistance, or expertise? There are so many things that go into cleaning up after fire damage, and though it can be tempting to think you can go it alone, there are some tricks of the trade they use that might surprise you.

    Emergency Response

    One of the best tricks of fire restoration pros is their ability to stay up late! They’re available 24-hours a day to take care of you when you need it most.

    If you have a fire you want to get techs on site as quickly as possible to secure the property, assess the damage, and create and action plan. The sooner the cleanup begins, the less damage that’s likely to be done and the more quickly the cleanup process can go.

    Water Extraction

    It might be surprising to know that one of the first steps to dealing with fire damage is to deal with water damage. Where there’s fire there’s water that was put there in massive quantities to extinguish the flames. It might also surprise you to know that the water can cause more damage than the fire.

    The trick to successful water extraction is the right instruments, and knowing how to use them. State-of-the-art water extraction tools used in conjunction with drying equipment and dehumidifiers is the best and only way to really make sure all of the water and moisture is removed from a home after a fire. If the water is left untreated, or if any residual water or moisture is left in the home, it can continue to do damage.

    Soot and Residue Cleaning

    What the flames leave behind in the form of soot and smoke residue is one of the biggest issues facing fire restoration specialists. Each fire is different and the residue left behind is different depending on the type of fire and the fuel burned.

    The trick to the residue cleanup is knowing what kind of fire and how to approach the cleaning of the soot and smoke. Using the right tools and right cleaning products makes the difference between an effective, efficient, and thorough cleaning and a job that needs to be done more than once.

    Smoke Odor Cleaning

    Smoke odor is one of the worst things left behind after a fire. Smoke particles float through the house and land on every surface causing the home to have an overwhelming and pervasive odor. Homes have been demolished in the past due to smoke odor that wasn’t properly treated.

    The trick to smoke odor treatment is paying attention to the whole home, not just the area where the fire was. Smoke will travel to every area, no matter how hidden, because smoke travels with the air flow. So treating the smoke odor is a matter of treating the air after the soot and residue have been cleaned up.

    Using tools such as air purification systems and ozone generators, restoration specialists treat the area to rid it of all of the odor before you move back in. Without this attention to detail you would be stuck in a home that smells of smoke. This is an important step of the process.

    Understanding the process of cleaning up fire damage is a crucial piece of the puzzle when you’re trying to put your life back together after a disaster. The trick to making it easier and getting back to life as you know it is trusting the experts.

    When you’re looking at fire restoration companies, contact Can-Restore to find out all of the tricks they can offer to help you recover from fire damage.