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Can-Restore Performs Disaster Restoration at Mold Damaged Hotel

Can-Restore’s Mold Recovery Efforts Rescued a Hotel in Just 10 Days

Can-Restore, a Georgia disaster restoration and recovery company, was recently approached to help a large Metro Atlanta hotel recover from a serious case of damaging mold, which was rampant throughout the structure.

Can-Restore was approached because of its broad and far-reaching experience in dealing with disaster restoration, and in particular with its experience working with mold recovery issues. The depth of restoration and recovery knowledge of the Can-Restore staff, especially concerning mold, was another important factor in their selection.

This turned out to be a very large project. The complete third story of the structure had to be completely renovated. This included removal of not only contents, but also drywall and insulation.

Besides extensive work on the third floor of the hotel, the first and second floors also had to be fully restored due to damage to contents and to the majority of rooms on those floors. All told, there were a total of 66 rooms that were damaged, along with damage to hallways.

Photographs tell the story:
Mold Damage

This picture is of ducting work that was used to generate negative air pressure in that part of the building.ext here...

Mold Damage

This picture is of a long hallway creating negative air pressure.

Water Damage

This picture highlights the tape applied over the Heating and Air Conditioning trunk lines. Can-Restore was forced to remove all mold from all ductwork.

Water Damage

Here we see one of the Can-Restore stalwarts running heavy equipment to aid in the restoration efforts.

Water Damage

This picture illustrates how all contaminated air was sealed into the hallway and not allowed to escape into the 28 foot high atrium. In this way it was unable to cross-contaminate other areas of the structure.

Mold Damage

In this picture we see an individual wearing the PPE protective suit and spraying chemicals to destroy the mold. After spraying was complete, Can-Restore applied mold sealant to all previously contaminated areas.

This was a massive restoration effort, requiring an average of nearly 30 men each day to work on the mold restoration inside the hotel. In fact, the mold removal and other activities were applied to approximately 30,000 square feet of walls and other surfaces inside the hotel.

This large restoration project was completed in only 10 days.

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