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  • Water Damage Repair

    Water Damage Repair

    Bionic Emergency Services offers 24/7 water damage repair services at affordable prices, reducing damage to your walls, floors, and valuable possessions. We take complete care of our clients’ homes to ensure a flawless water damage restoration job.

    Our Water Damage Repair Process

    As an IICRC certified business, we use a proven water damage restoration protocol encompassing five steps:

    Step 1- Inspection and assessment

    Our technicians will arrive at your home, make a detailed assessment, and use advanced equipment like hygrometers and moisture detectors to assess the cause of the leak and the extent of the damages.

    Step 2 – Water Removal

    We will remove and extract water from your property using high-powered pumps and vacuums.

    Step 3 – Drying and Dehumidifying

    After water extraction, we begin the dehumidification and drying process using industrial-quality air movers and dehumidifiers.

    Step 4: Cleaning and Sanitizing

    We use foam, abrasive, and other immersion cleaning techniques to make your home spic and span.

    Step 5: Complete Restoration

    In the final step, we begin the restoration process. We fix or replace damaged products, such as drywall, carpet cleaning, etc.

    We offer emergency water and mold damage cleanup in and around Texas and arrive at our clients’ doorstep in no time. Our technicians possess the industry’s highest level of training and several years of experience, allowing them to offer an excellent cleaning job.

    Three Things Not To Do After A Flooding Accident

    Some homeowners attempt water damage restoration and cleanup without a professional to save costs. However, it can backfire and cost hundreds of dollars in repairs down the line. Call a professional water damage restoration service right away in case of a water damage emergency. Here’s what you shouldn’t do after a water leak or flooding incident in your house:

    1. Do not use your vacuum cleaner to remove standing water
    2. Do not enter any room with electrical or structural damage
    3. If your home contains black water (sewage water), do not try to clean it yourself.

    It can take 24 hours for mold to grow in wet spaces. It is pivotal you act fast and call flood damage repair services soon after a flooding accident to prevent mold and mildew infestation soon.

    What To Do After A Flood?

    If you experience a water damage accident on your property, call a professional immediately. Time is of the essence in a home flooding situation, and acting quickly can make a lot of difference. While you wait for the home flood restoration services to arrive, you should:

    1. Shut off the power supply if it is safe for you to enter the house.
    2. Remove as much waste water as you can via mopping and blotting.
    3. Remove the rugs, carpets, and upholstery from wet areas.
    4. Move photos, paintings, art objects, and furniture to a safe and dry location.

    Call 346-600-9980 to hire us for water damage repair. Bionic Emergency Services possesses decades of field experience in water damage restoration, helping us use proven water remediation techniques. Our certified technicians will be with you throughout the cleaning and restoration process and will not leave your place until the last piece of furniture has been put back in place.

    Water Damage Repair

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