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    Siding can change the look of your house. It can increase your home’s curb appeal. However, if you’re looking to have siding repair or replace on your home’s exterior, you will be hiring a siding contractor. A professional siding contractor has the knowledge and expertise to install various types of siding, including fiber cement, wood, vinyl, or metal. 

    However, finding a trustworthy siding installation contractor is your first step in upgrading or replacing your siding. Before you hire a contractor to install the siding, you need to do your due diligence and ask questions to ensure you’re hiring the right contractor. Here are a few questions worth asking.

    How long have you been in the business?

    Installing siding is not a work that you can quickly become an expert. Although new companies may have experienced installers, you need to be aware of their experience. Companies who have been in business for a while know what is required and have the resources and tools to manage a project to ensure its success.

    Do you have a local office?

    There are plenty of contractors nationwide who install the siding. Unfortunately, some fraudulent contractors in the business will take your money without doing the job. Having an actual office in your area can be beneficial. When a company is located in the local community, the chance of them ripping you off is much lower.

    Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

    Construction jobs are often unpredictable as far as the quality is concerned, mistakes can happen, so you need a contractor that will fess up when mistakes are made. The best siding contractors will offer some warranty or guarantee on the work completed. They will fix issues due to incorrect installation within a specified period after the job is completed. 

    Are you insured?

    Insurance plays a vital role in homeowner’s decision to hire a siding company. Contractors must have workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Liability insurance protects the homeowner’s property if the contractor damages your home. With workman’s compensation, you won’t be held responsible if a worker gets injured on your premises. 

    Are you licensed to do siding installation in my state?

    Some states require siding installation contractors to license. One reason why licensing is essential is the ability to recognize state building codes. You need to ask your contractor if they do siding within your state to make sure they’re familiar with the corresponding building codes so that you won’t run into legal problems. Any legal issues that may pop up when a siding contractor fails to meet a building code can end up disrupting the project for months.

    Get Excellent Siding Service Through KV Construction Siding Contractors

    If you’re looking for a siding contractor that can answer each of these questions with flying colors, look no further than KV Construction Siding Contractors. Our team is fully certified, and we only offer the best customer service to each of our customers. We’ve helped many families achieve their dreams house, and we’d love to help you do the same. Please call us at 425-879-4398 if you’re interested in learning more about our siding services.



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