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  • Portable Misting Fans

    Portable misting fans spread cold water to create a barrier to the rest of the environment wherever they are placed. Cool-off.com carries a long line of top-quality misting fans for any indoor or outdoor area.

    Do portable misting fans work?

    Fans work by spraying air over your body to whisk away heat, replacing hot and humid air with cooler drier air. Misters allow your body and to displace heat to cooler water.

    The combined effect transfers heat from surfaces before whisking it away with the cooler, drier breeze. Studies show that these fans work better than smaller portable air conditioning systems in outdoor areas due to the combination of convection, conduction, and evaporation.

    Do mist fans work better than air coolers?

    Misters offer the advantage of being able to physically cover a larger area. These fans outperform air conditioners because:

    • They can cool outdoor areas where air conditioners are ineffective
    • They consume less water than a small air conditioner
    • They are more energy-efficient than air conditioners
    • They can be more efficient in drier climates

    The impact of a misting fan is not always ideal. They perform best in drier climates such as the American Southwest and Rocky Mountain region or in the Northwest.

    Do mister fans work well indoors?

    Mist fans are not as ideal indoors where water is unwanted, or the environment is easily regulated. Water-based cooling works best when there is space to carry away droplets and avoid condensation.

    Still, mist can also help create a healthier environment in any space. China deploys mist cannons in the most polluted cities to eliminate particles and smog posing significant health risks.

    Best portable misting fans

    Typically, a misting fan can cool up to 200 square feet of space. Different models cover different spaces. Cool-off provides high, medium, and low-pressure models that are easy to install and:

    • Can be nearly invisible in any outdoor space
    • Provide up to 1000 PSI of pumping action
    • Come in numerous colors

    These fans are cost-effective and easy to use. They are also quiet, deploying 14 inch to 24 inch fans nearly unnoticeable.

    Industrial cooling solutions

    Warehouses are large open spaces that are difficult to cool. Misting fans are among the most cost-efficient ways to keep your workforce and equipment cool and productive.

    High-power misting fans from Cool-Off spread mist over a large distance while a well-ventilated space whisks away warm air. Warehouse and manufacturing spaces are much different from other indoor environments with many being akin to the outdoors due to their size.

    Portable Misting Fans

    Portable misting fans can keep large indoor and outdoor areas cool through the power of convection, conduction, and evaporation. While they work well in specific parts of the country, they also promote health by helping to remove odors and pollutants.

    These fans are incredibly easy to maintain. Cool-Off provides industrial-quality fans for use in almost any environment.

    When you need the power of mist, we can provide. Visit our website today to find out more about our fans.