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  • Mosquito Control Solutions Rockwall

    Mosquito Control Solutions Rockwall

    Safe Earth Pest Control offers affordable, environment-friendly, and permanent solutions for pest control and mosquito control in Texas. Our mosquito control solutions in Rockwall last for 3-4 days and eliminate over 90% of the mosquito population

    Ways to mosquito-proof your lawn

    Mosquitos in your yard not only compromises your kids playtime but their health as well. Although mosquito-repellents can protect you and your family from these pests, there are a few steps that you can take to get rid of mosquitos from your yards.

    • Mosquito-repelling plants – Marigold, lavender, rosemary, basil, and citronella grass are some of the common garden plants that will repel mosquitoes.
    • Eliminate stagnant water – Stagnant water in your yards and homes can offer the perfect breeding area for mosquitoes as a larva needs puddles of water to grow. Re-mulch the low lying areas in your lawn or add some dirt in those cavities to avoid the collection of stagnant waters. Empty and refill the birdbath every day, if you have one.
    • Clean your Gutters – Get rid of stagnant water regularly by continually cleaning your gutters and keeping them free from clogs and other debris.
    • Treat Wet Areas – Treat small ponds, fountain, pools, and other water features in your gardens and yards with off-the-counter products that can kill mosquito larvae. This ensures that larvae do not form new colonies.

    Even though the above methods may curb mosquitoes to a certain extent, for quick and permanent mosquito control solutions in Rockwall, get in touch with us today.

    What is the best mosquito killer?

    Using store-bought mosquito larvicide on stagnant waters that you cannot empty will poison the mosquitoes that come to the waters for breeding. It can also kill the larvae already present in the waters. Check the labels to ensure that they are pet safe before buying the product.

    Bug zapper not only gets rid of flies but is highly efficient in killing mosquitoes as well. Mosquitoes are fond of the UV light of the device which, drawing the insect into the trap. Mosquito lures are small containment units with a lure or mosquito bait inside. Certain types of scents in sweats, the CO2 we exhale are all great mosquito baits. When the mosquito comes to the unit to feed on the bait, the containment unit gets the pest. Mosquito lures may have bug zappers inside, or the pest will die in starvation, while trapped inside the device.

    Can French drains avoid mosquitoes?

    A proper drainage system can avoid the occurrence of stagnant waters in and around the house, which can eliminate the chance of mosquitoes breeding. A French drain consists of a perforated pipe and a sloped trench that contains gravel around the pipe. This offers a natural outlet for the water to excavate away from your home.

    For the most effective mosquito control solutions in Rockwall, get in touch with our team today. Safe Earth Pest Control offers a $75 off on the first mosquito treatment.

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    Mosquito Control Solutions Rockwall