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  • Masonry Contractor Hamptons

    Article provided by: Can't Stop Building

    Masonry Contractor Hamptons

    Can’t Stop Building is a renowned masonry contractor in Hamptons, NY. They work mainly on bricks, stone, and concrete. These professionals do many things in construction work, including erecting chimneys and stonewalls, pouring cement on driveways and basement as well as block construction. It is essential to hire professional contractors to handle your construction project. 

    What do masonry contractors do?

    The masonry contractors at Can't Stop Building work with a full range of materials, including concrete, stone, and brick. These professionals have broad expertise in building construction, which is an invaluable resource for homeowners. Masonry contractors use simple features to enhance the look of a space.

    Masonry contractors can guide you through projects and offer an expert opinion that can help you get value for your money. Can’t Stop Building Masonry Contractors in Hamptons, NY, can provide valuable insights into popular masonry options and the pros and cons of alternative products, including stone veneer and cement blocks.


    There are three main specialties in masonry, including stone, brick, and concrete masonry. However, some masonry contractors have experience and qualifications in more than one specialty.

    Stonemasonry contractors deal with natural and manufactured stone. They use these building materials to create facades on homes, walls as well as interior and exterior flooring. Stonemasons understand how to manipulate stone to create the desired look in building construction.

    Brick masons handle brick, including veneer, real, solid, and manufactured bricks. Many people refer to these contractors as bricklayers. Brick masonry requires careful attention to detail to create uniform lines in building construction. Brick masons can install chimneys, patios, walls, columns, and fireplaces.

    As the name suggests, concrete masons handle poured or block concrete. Pouring concrete is a delicate process that involves leveling and managing the effects of the weather on the concrete as it hardens.

    What questions should you ask a masonry contractor?

    There are several questions to ask when hiring a masonry contractor. It is essential to learn about the qualifications of your masonry contractor before hiring him. Can’t Stop Building Masonry contractors can work on a wide range of materials, including concrete, tiles, stone, ceramic, rock, and clay. 

    Certifications and qualifications

    Inquire about the certifications and qualifications of the masonry contractor you intend to hire. In New York, masonry contractors are required to hold a license. In addition, find out if the contractor has experience handling specific bricks or stones. For instance, not all masonry contractors can work with natural stone.

    Consider working with a contractor who has the experience to cut and lay patterns for masonry. Inform your contractor about your project and ask them if they have handled a similar project in the past.

    Ask the contractor when he expects the work to be completed. Find out if the contractor has a tentative schedule for the project. This will give you an idea of the length of the project, even though it may take longer than expected.

    Can’t Stop Building completes all its masonry projects on time and according to client specifications. Our masonry contractors are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind. Call us today for references for our work. 


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