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    Article provided by: PierMagic Foundation Specialists

    Are you in need of foundation repair? Kansas City, Missouri, homeowners have been relying on the experts at PierMagic Foundation Specialists since 2007 for long-lasting foundation repair solutions. PierMagic Foundation Specialists provide free consultations and assessments for local homeowners. As the majority of Kansas City homes age, they are becoming more and more susceptible to foundational problems. Due to the extremes in weather experienced in the Midwest, even newer homes are often exposed to excessive moisture, water, and flooding in the basement, which will all lead to severe foundational issues over time. The dramatic shift in weather, seasons, and temperatures that we experience each year in KC doesn't help!

    Regardless of which stage your home's foundation problem is, it is best to deal with the problem head-on. Many people put off foundation repair for their Kansas City home because it's a considerable inconvenience, or they don't want to dip into their savings to finance the project. Other individuals may not be able to obtain the loan they need from the bank to repair their home's foundation. In cases like these, there are often temporary fixes available.

    Be Careful When Hiring a Foundation Contractor

    Once you have decided to go forward with your foundation repair, then the real challenge sets in. Finding an honest foundation repair and waterproofing company is not easy! If you have dealt with a foundation repair contractor already, you probably know all-too-well just how disingenuous and predatory these contractors can be!

    Sadly, in the foundation repair industry, the cost of a repair is often not based on the extent of your problem. Instead, it's based on the foundation repair company that you call. If you call several foundation repair companies to inspect your foundation, you'll surely get one that will try to overcharge you. They will do this by telling you you've got problems all over the place, and your house will collapse if the issue isn’t resolved immediately! You might even get an exorbitantly high quote. You never have to worry about this when you hire PierMagic Foundation Specialists.

    Why Choose PierMagic Foundation Specialists?

    When PierMagic Foundation Specialists comes to your home to perform a foundation inspection, we are going to show you what we find. We are going to explain what your problem is (assuming you have one) in plain language that anyone can understand. Then, we will go over all of your options for foundation repair, taking into account your immediate and long-term needs, as well as your budget for the project. If you have received quotes from other contractors already, you will then be able to compare our findings and our quote with the other bids for your job.

    Take Action Now to Avoid a Potential Catastrophe Later

    When it comes to a foundation repair in Kansas City, Missouri, a proactive approach is always the best strategy. Foundational problems don't go away, nor do they fix themselves. A home’s foundation will only do one thing. They'll get worse and worse until you have a massive, critical issue on-hand. Investing a little money on a foundation repair when your problem is in its early stages can save you from an enormous repair investment later on. Plus, it can keep your house's inhabitants safe and comfortable.

    When is a Foundation Repair the Best Option?

    At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we think a repair is always the better option, and since our DynaPier repairs come with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, our customers see a high return on their investment when they choose a repair from us. Other so-called lifetime warranty promises from other concrete contractors come with exclusions and exemptions- not ours. See details on our promise to you when you click the Lifetime Warranty link on our website's homepage. When we say your repair will last, we mean it. Best of all, your warranty is fully transferrable if you sell your home in the future.

    Is DynaPier the Right Solution?

    Contact our concrete specialists for professional advice when comparing repair options and prices. We can meet with you ar your home and assess the damage to your foundation, then offer you our personal recommendation on how to proceed. Other concrete companies just want your business- we are focused on your 100% satisfaction from beginning to end. No one cares as much about the results you experience as our team from PierMagic Foundation Specialists.

    Call or connect with us through our website when you're ready to take care of your foundation issues once and for all. Bookmark our blog for tips on protecting your residential foundation and informative articles related to the topics of foundation repair and basement waterproofing.

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